Windfall, sire of our foundation stallion,

WB Corre Con El Viento.

Lei Huua our first purebred Arabian mare.

"Our goal at Westbrook Sport Horses is to produce  beautiful, well moving, intelligent athletes with "can do" attitudes.
Westbrook  Arabians began with the purebred Arabian filly, Lei Huua (El Fara Khalif {a Baskfibia son} X HC Lindie {Bazy Tankersley breeding}) on May 13, 1986.  Lei was shown at the State level and also taught many young ladies, some young men, and the occasional Mom and Dad how to ride.  Many of these riders had their first taste of horse showing with Lei.  Lei Huua produced only two foals, both fillies, Huadoresya+(4/06/93) and WB Heleina(4/23/96). WB Heleina was sold as a 2 year old and has performed admirably as a pleasure horse for her owner for many years.

In 1999, trainer Nelson Mittuch began to work with the (then 6 year-old) Huadoresya+, for lower level eventing.  Nelson never let "Annie" think that she could fail and she thrived on the adrenaline rush of cross-country jumping.  Because of the confidence instilled in her, Annie and Nelson continued to climb the ladder of levels all the way to Intermediate.  Nelson always believed in Annie, even when others didn't.  Many were the not so hidden smirks as the pair waited to start the Intermediate course at Rebecca Farm.  Those smirks and giggles were gone when the pair came galloping to the finish with only time penalties.  She competed throughout the country to the Intermediate level and carried a junior rider to the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships in Lexington, KY.  It is with the breeding of Huadoresya+ to the Trakehner stallion Windfall, that Westbrook Sport Horses was born.  This pairing resulted in Huadoresya’s only foal, the stallion, WB Corre Con El Viento.  Huadoresya+ was inspected and approved for the Trakehner Stud Book, so WB Corre Con El Viento (Vinnie) is a registered Trakehner and also registered Half-Arabian.  He is American Warmblood Society approved.

 Vinnie is capable and fluid in both dressage and jumping.  In 2018 he is adding western dressage to his repertoire. Ginger began her eventing career in 2014 with trainer Nelson Mittuch and will add competition in the Arabian Sport Horse Arena with her amateur owner, Gwen Marshall in 2018.  Ginger's younger half brother Kendric Wind GM+/ has been successful in the half Arabian sport horse show world and is moving up to Second Level competition in 2018.  Two other full siblings to Kenny (Kalana Magniffica x Corre Con El Viento) are growing up with the same great attributes of sound body and mind that will serve them well as they take their turn as performance athletes.  Kalana's three foals; (2012) Kendric Wind GM+/, (2015) Karolina Wind GM and (2017) Kan You Imagine GM, are offered for sale, find more information here or contact Gwen directly.