Kalana Magniffica

 Kalana spent most of her first nine years turned out with a herd until she came to Westbrook Sport Horses. She is the dam of Kendric Wind GM+/, g. 2012, Karolina Wind GM f. 2015 and Kan You Imagine GM g. 2017.

Sadly, we lost Kalana to colic in 2017.... from Gwen;

"We had to say goodbye to this pretty lady, tonight. She spent her first 9 years running around on vast acerage in Vantage, WA. Her trailer ride from Vantage to my house (about 3 hours) was her first ever, and she traveled like a pro. She always liked human attention, but she thought we asked her to do really weird things. Being caught while in pasture was not something she cottoned too! She is the dam of the 3 "K" babies, so her spirit will live on for quite some time. Gallop free, pretty girl, with no more fences or walls to contain you."

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