Karolina Wind GM,   offered for sale

Karolina Wind GM

2015 filly (WB Corre Con El Viento x Kalana Magnificca ) 

Full sister to Kendric Wind GM who has already made a name for himself in half Arabian sport horse competitions at the national level.  Karrie shows the same strength of character and movement.  She was introduced to the show life in the spring of 2017 and demonstrated a remarkable calmness and self possession. In 2018 she qualified for Regionals in Junior horse at her first show of the year. Showing both versatility and trainability, she also excelled in her first introduction to jumping cross rails and small fences at home.   Karrie is currently (2018-19) being ridden by an amateur under the watchful eyes of Dannelle Haugen and Gwen.   


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Karolina Wind GM is offered for sale
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Karolina Wind GM, as a three year old, qualified for Regionals in her first Junior Under Saddle class, April 2018.

After a solid start, Karrie's training continues under the guidance of Dannelle Haugen with an amateur in the irons.