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April 11, 2018

First show of the 2018 season, done and qualified for Regionals! Westbrook Sport Horses was represented by the whole herd (sans baby Kevin). Our patriarch, Corre Con El Viento (aka, Vinnie) made his Western Dressage debut by winning his very first class with the respectable score of 70%. Son, Kendric Wind GM+/ (Kenny) snagged second place in First Level Dressage and showed plenty of promise in his first Second Level class. (both scores in the 60's) Daugnter, First Legacy GM++/ (Ginger) qualified for regionals in Sport Horse Under Saddle with amateur owner, Gwen Marshall, aboard and won her in hand class. Kenny's full sister, three year old Karolina Wind GM (Karrie) came along for the experience and did not disappoint. Lets just say she has not quite grown into all her parts yet, but she performed very well, qualifying for regionals in Junior Sport Horse Under Saddle.

Kendric Wind GM+/ and Karolina Wind GM are in training with Dannelle Haugen and both are offered for...

March 27, 2018

We are looking forward to beginning this show season with an active Westbrook Sport Horse contingency.  Gwen is back in the saddle again and will be showing First Legacy (Ginger) in amateur owner Sport Horse competition... whoop, whoop!  Kendric Wind GM +/ (Kenny) is moving up to Second Level in Arabian Sport Horse competition with trainer Danielle Haugen. He is looking sharp and has matured considerably... although his 6th birthday won't be until July of this year.  Younger sister, Karolina Wind GM (Karrie) will also get some in hand show exposure. Daddy, Vinnie doesn't want to stay home, so he'll have a go in yet another athletic discipline as Lauren Webb hones his jog for Western Dressage. 

Westbrook Sport Horses, Kenny, Karrie and baby Kevin are all offered for sale, Inquire with Gwen.

August 23, 2017

We are so very sad to report the loss of our fine broodmare, Kalana Magniffica, to colic.  Her legacy lives on in 5 year old Kendric Wind GM+/ who is performing exceptionally well in half Arabian sport horse and open dressage.  Kalana's 2015 filly, Karolina Wind GM, is also growing up with great expectations for her future as a performance horse.  Finally, Kan You Imagine GM, is Kalana's 2017 colt, shown as a newborn in this photo.  Kevin is handling the loss of his mom (he was just about to be weaned anyway) with grace thanks to big sister Karrie as a companion.

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